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While WFG does NOT implement an investment min please keep in mind that some of these platforms do have certain minimum levels that need to be reached in order to utilize the investment styles and techniques. One is not better than the other per say, rather it is what is a better fit with you that will be our guide in choosing the platform that best fits your needs. Don’t worry…there is something for everyone.

Open Architecture Platforms
We have two separate platforms to choose from that offer an open floorplan. Meaning we can pick any investment we choose and can be monitored in one location. The first is our most comprehensive financial advisory platform. We utilize strategic asset allocation but may shift to a dynamic or tactical form of investing thereby giving us the ability to take advantage of different markets cycles. Inside this platform we have over 8,000 no load and load waived funds and 470 fund families, UIT’s, Alternative Investments and stocks. We also have the ability to offer low cost, fee-based, variable annuities with over 228 different sub-accounts.
The other platform in this area is one that offers the high net worth investor the ability to access professional, institutional portfolio managers at a significantly lower account min while still enjoying a level of specialization and services through the ownership of individual securities. We have access to over 90 money managers and 42 investment styles including equity, fixed income, balanced, REIT, and socially responsible. This is a total wealth management solution that combines investment planning, strategy development, Portfolio construction, manager selection, and ongoing management trade execution and performance measurement. Managers are selected whose management style and performance best match your specific investment objectives and risk tolerance of your family.

Centrally Managed Platforms
Some of these platforms are truly very unique platform offerings. One of the newest is offers a combination of technology and algorithms that are customized investment models. Using up to nine beta-focused low-cost ETFs (no mutual funds) that are selected by my research department and spread across three major ETFs to create a diversified portfolio. The investment models are strategically managed using asset allocation and economic outlooks for the next 12-18 months. The Algorithms are run nightly and provide rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting as needed.

Another utilizes a mutual fund wrap program that offers portfolios composed of a suite of six multi-manager mutual funds featuring more than 10 industry-leading sub-advisors. This platform provides my client’s with an easily understood concept with a lot of depth through the combination of the sub-advisors. We select the investment objective (from among five), the dynamic or strategic management style, how often the account should be rebalanced, and the tilt—toward domestic or international and toward growth or value. The portfolio is created using the funds and is monitored and allocation changes of subadvisors within the funds. This includes the hiring and firing of the managers as necessary.

The final two are very similar offering a fully diversified mutual fund and/or exchange-traded product (ETP) models guided by eight institutional portfolio strategists. Using a well-defined approach, strategists manage core portfolios designed to target specific client goals, such as capital appreciation, income generation, downside protection and tax efficiency. We can combine up to three models in a single account, selecting from a number of strategic and tactical asset models designed to align with any investment objective. One key aspect is the use of a series of portfolio diversifiers, which are models that tend to exhibit lower correlation with the core models.

We utilize the diversifier model in combination with the core offerings to help smooth out portfolio returns over time or on a standalone basis. This can give a more customized option and increased sophistication based upon your risk tolerance and time horizon.